The Exact Art of Smiles

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We know it’s about more than the quality products we offer, it’s about the experience and convenience we can provide because let’s be honest – you’re busy but you still deserve the best!

Revolutionizing the way you think about orthodontics

Created by orthodontists, ExactSmiles shops provide you with a non-traditional orthodontic experience that makes high-quality orthodontic treatment more convenient, affordable and fun. ExactSmiles offers state-of-the-art technology and treatment from highly reputable orthodontists in your community — creating a unique, engaging and digitally-enhanced experience from the moment you walk into our store until your beautiful new smile is complete.

Schedule your free 30-minute Smile Assessment at one of our locations and we’ll take a digital, 3D scan of your teeth to create your customized treatment plan by our orthodontists. Then, you can pick up your first aligner box at the ExactSmiles orthodontist office closest to you 4-5 weeks later, and go back to that office for 3-6 follow-up visits throughout your treatment. In-person doctor evaluations and supervision allow this treatment to easily fit within your schedule and still receive the much-needed care and oversight from the experts. With us, you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your treatment to get a beautiful new smile!

Start your transformational smile journey with us today.

ExactSmiles is an affiliate of PepperPointe Partnerships, a unique dental service organization (DSO) with an innovative approach to proactively address the challenges practitioners face, create efficiencies at the practice level and provide support with non-clinical tasks, allowing practitioners to focus on providing excellent patient care. PepperPointe seeks to redefine what it means to be a DSO by fully leveraging the strengths and culture of doctor-owned dental practices, and a growth strategy for greater synergy and protection among all dental practitioners. ExactSmiles is a key component of that growth strategy. Serving as a revenue driver for practices, ExactSmiles allows orthodontists to create a modern day satellite office for their practice that allows them to get directly in front of the consumer where they eat, shop and spend with a unique and convenient patient experience to begin clear aligner treatment.